Saturday, May 16, 2015

Dear Clergy

Dear Clergy:

The town local library allows children access to Internet pornography in the children's section of the library despite the law and the government is doing nothing to stop it.  As one of the houses of worship in or near town,  please get involved in stopping the library from violating the law or getting the government to stop the lawlessness.  Library boards may legally do anything necessary and proper for libraries under the law, but Internet pornography is neither.  Nor is there any use and benefit of Internet porn in public libraries.  Municipalities should not allow lawlessness to fester.  An eleven year old child already saw porn in the children's section and the library's response was to filter only two of the four computers then blame the child when the mom asked why only two.

The best way I know to get involved is to speak up.  To get educated on the issues before speaking up, contact me for private discussion or for a public talk on the issue.  I've been studying this issue for about fifteen years.  The library trustees are well trained in misleading the community so getting a primer from me before they try to mislead you that there's a First Amendment right to porn in public libraries and Internet filters don't work would really help people be more effective in demanding an end to the lawlessness.

Contact me, Dan Kleinman,  I'm with SafeLibraries in Chatham, NJ, and would be really happy to speak with anyone or give talks on the topics to congregants.  I know it's a topic no one really wants to discuss but if we don't, more children will see more Internet porn in the children's section of the town's public library.  Can you believe I even have to say this?

I got your names and emails from [local media].

Your involvement may help to protect children from Internet pornography being made available by the [Town] Public Library despite the law.  Many people are needed to bring pressure on the library and on the government to end the lawlessness.  I'm making you aware of the situation and offering to provide an education.  No charge.

Here is what the mother of the victim had to say in the local paper, reprinted by me for your convenience: "Pornography Versus Library Bill of Rights"

Here is a survey flyer I distributed during the town fair and posted throughout the downtown area that summarizes the issues and please consider posting this at your own location: [Contact me for help adapting this to your own community.  It is also pictured top right.  Click to see a larger version.  And I have more suggested flyers.]

Thank you so much for considering this.  I hope to hear from you as soon as possible.  The sooner the better for the children, literally.

Thanks again.

Dan Kleinman

CC: Local media.

URL of this sample letter to send to clergy in your own communities:

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