Wednesday, May 20, 2015

McDonald's and American Library Association Both Facilitate Child Porn

McDonald's and the American Library Association [ALA] are perfect for each other.  Both are based in Illinois, both facilitate child porn nationwide.  And ALA brags, "there are actually more libraries in this country than there are McDonald's, um, if you can believe it."  (

Three years straight ALA has been on the "Dirty Dozen List" of the nation's leading contributors to sexual exploitation. (

It appears McDonald's is now headed for a top spot too.  Read about the "effort to get 25,000 outlets to block p*rnography and child p*rnography in McDonalds and Starbucks."  (  You see, McDonald's offers free and unfiltered Wi-Fi.  Porn viewing in a McDonald's restaurant is the sure result.  See, for example, "man watches porn at McDonald's." (

As to that link between ALA and McDonald's facilitating child porn, McDonald's does it with unfiltered WiFi that's filtered out in McDonald's restaurants in Europe but not those in America.  ALA does it with diktat telling librarians they may not determine what is child porn, only judges can do that, so child porn viewing is frequently tolerated, even covered up.  (

I have officially joined the above effort led by Donna Rice Hughes, President & CEO of Enough Is Enough®, pictured at right, and I urge you to visit to contribute as well.  Grab "National P*rn Free Campaign" graphics for your own use here:  Please feel free to share some or all of them.

What is it about child pornography that it needs to spread nationwide via the nation's libraries, McDonald's, and Starbucks?

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