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NOTE 7 DECEMBER 2022: I'm going to try to update this.  Things have gotten worse in 11 years.  So this is a work in progress until this message disappears.

The ALA is Terrorist Friendly, Child Unfriendly, and Dishonest

CHATHAM, NJ, Jan. 4, 2012, updated Dec. 7, 2022 (coming soonish) — The American Library Association [ALA], once a trusted source for information, has become terrorist friendly, child unfriendly, and dishonest/unethical.  Claiming a 9/11 terrorist's library patron privacy rights were violated is one example.  Faking its annual top 10 challenged books list is another.  Dan Kleinman of SafeLibraries provides irrefutable proof.  For example, he made a recording of an author admitting the 2010 top 10 list is faked.  While the ALA claims to be devoted to library services and librarianship [EN 1], it has extended beyond its mission [EN 2] to promote causes having nothing to do with librarianship.

The ALA changed when an Illinois state ACLU leader named Judith Krug joined the ALA then created the Office for Intellectual Freedom and the Freedom to Read Foundation. [EN 3]  In control for around 40 years until her death, she single handedly changed the ALA from within. [EN 3]  No longer would ALA members protect children from harm.  Knowing the ACLU "has baggage," [EN 4] she used the ALA as the pretty face to effectuate ACLU policy.  ACLU policy is now ALA policy.  "And frankly, you can't say bad things about a librarian without sounding like kind of a jerk." [EN 5]

The significance is that the ALA has and continues to seek major influence in American schools and libraries.  Seeing the opportunity, major donors like George Soros give generously to the ALA where he creates a "privacy" curriculum for K-12 public school children that the ALA then distributes, giving it legitimacy.  That curriculum includes propaganda having nothing to do with privacy [EN 6] and how to get around parental Internet filters, jailbreak devices, etc. [EN 7]  Following Judith Krug's lead, George Soros is using the ALA as the pretty face to obtain access to American school children and American communities.  And a privacy curriculum for children has nothing to do with librarianship, the ALA's supposed mission.

Here is a succinct listing of ALA activity so people can know the ALA.  When people know the ALA and its dishonest/unethical activities, they will be less susceptible to its misinformation.  This list will contain new information as well as material I have already published.

ALA is Terrorist Friendly
  • ALA laments a librarian turning in a 9/11 terrorist to police because his library patron privacy was violated. [EN 8]
  • ALA silences terrorism critic Robert Spencer using "open espousal of censorship." [EN 9] [EN 10]
  • ALA says "CAIR is a Washington-based, Islamic, civil-rights and advocacy group." [EN 11]
  • ALA says CAIR "Library Project" [EN 12] propaganda [EN 13] makes for "a well-informed population." [EN 14]
  • ALA joins with CAIR to oppose Congressman Peter King's radicalization hearings. [EN 15]
  • ALA opposes Israel [EN 16] and is "padding libraries across America with anti-Israel books." [EN 17]
  • ALA supports Palestinian libraries [EN 18] but is silent on suicide bombing of Israeli libraries.
  • ALA wished issue of jailed Cuban librarians opposing Castro would be "drowned."[EN 19]
  • ALA supports the "Red-Green Alliance," such as opposing the USA PATRIOT Act, etc. [EN 20]
  • "American Troops Defamed by ALA Councilor Peter McDonald"
  • "ALA Opposes FISA; Joins Soros, ACLU, and PFAW to Restrict War on Terror"

ALA is Child Unfriendly

ALA Funding from George Soros
  • George Soros funding for the ALA to create a "privacy" curriculum for children in K-12 public schools:  See, "Soros, the ALA, and Terrorists."  I asked the leader of the ALA section that publicized the curriculum [EN 27] who wrote it and was told she had no idea.  The curriculum, ostensibly about privacy, "espouses the Library Bill of Rights and the public library's take on privacy and challenging books," [EN 28] among other things, and urges children to break past Internet controls set in place by their parents, jailbreak devices, etc. [EN 29]  
  • George Soros funding for ALA leaders to train journalists:  Barbara Jones, Director of the ALA Office for Intellectual Freedom, describes how the ALA got George Soros funding for acting outside the umbrella of the ALA.  (Doesn't that make it a taxable gift—and this will be the first public reporting of the matter as the ALA has not yet announced this, and I hope someone investigates; this is different from the $350,000 and the $105,650 grants for the "privacy" curriculum):
Barbara Jones:  "My Office just had this nifty, big, grant from the Soros Foundation to do the work with newsrooms and with media and with journalists.  And my question to you is, we just got it, and we're just still thinking and formulating.  What might we do?  I mean journalists and librarians have been meeting together now for about a year, about things we have in common, and stuff like that."

Sandra Braman: "Under the content, under the umbrella of the ALA or?"

Barbara Jones:  "No. The first meeting was in Boston adjacent to the national conference on media reform.  And we had a meeting at MIT about, called "Beyond Books" about libraries as (?).  .... But, I'm just trying to think I mean we have this money to do some stuff to think and do things." [EN 30]

ALA Use of Dishonest/Unethical Means to Promote Interests
ALA Sexualizes Children Knowingly, Intentionally, and Purposefully

End Notes
  1. The American Library Association [ALA] is the world's largest and oldest library association.  It has benefitted many people in many ways, and still does.  According to the ALA Constitution, "The object of the American Library Association shall be to promote library service and librarianship."  
  2. Its mission is "To provide leadership for the development, promotion, and improvement of library and information services and the profession of librarianship in order to enhance learning and ensure access to information for all."  It even has a motto: "The best reading, for the largest number, at the least cost."
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  4. Speaking Our Minds: Conversations With the People Behind Landmark First Amendment Cases, by Joseph Russomanno, Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, Mahwah, NJ, 2002, p.420:
    I could not imagine placing the future of my profession in any of the hands that were also being considered as chief legal counsel.  I will go to my grave believing that we would never have gotten a 9-zero Supreme Court decision with any other lead plaintiff, and that includes ACLU.  The baggage that they carry with them precludes a 9-zero Supreme Court decision.  I believed that, and Bruce Ennis believed that.

    What do you mean by the ACLU "baggage?"

    Just because of who they are and what their reputation is and what they do.  They bring a lot of baggage to court.  The U.S. Supreme Court—the men and women on the Court—put on their underwear the same way you and I do.  In other words, these are human beings.  We're dealing with human beings.
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    We again thank our conference attendees and supporters, including the Open Society Institute, for making this event possible and, ultimately, such a tremendous success.  We will be harnessing their insights as we move forward with strategies for reaching young people about privacy issues, and we look forward to expanding that circle to include even more partners and experts, as we continue our work to spread the privacy message far and wide.
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About Dan Kleinman of SafeLibraries

Dan Kleinman of SafeLibraries has been addressing library safety issues relating to American Library Association policy for over a decade, ever since his own kindergartner was victimized by the ALA's anything-goes policy.  He is recognized by the ALA as its leading critic.  He assists community members, governmental leaders, school superintendents, media members, law enforcement, lawyers and legislators with seeing through ALA propaganda and addressing the negative effects of ALA policy that sidesteps the law, community standards, and common sense—see, e.g., his Making Public Libraries Safer publication.  He has been involved in hundreds of cases in the USA and Canada, some more publicly than others, such as exemplified by his front page USA Today appearance.  One example of his success is that Iowa sought legislation requiring statewide library filtering as a direct result of his involvement in uncovering the cause of a Des Moines public library restroom toddler molestation, namely, a lack of Internet filtering in deference to ALA policy.

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FOR MORE INFORMATION, or to schedule an interview with Dan Kleinman, please call or text Dan at (845) 397-7233 any time or email  To see him in action, watch "Porn in Public Libraries," by Walter Kane, Kane In Your Corner, News 12 New Jersey, 5 November 2011 (, or listen to his radio appearances on NPR, WABC, FOX, WYDE, etc. (  Or visit his "About Me" page (  His informational web site is  If desired, write to Dan at SafeLibraries, 641 Shunpike Rd #123, Chatham, NJ 07928.

Twitter:  @SafeLibraries  Facebook:  SafeLibraries
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End notes 8A and 8B added.

Also, see:


This contains new information:


Ernest Istook, the author of the Children Internet Protection Act, has spoken against the ALA for forcing its way into a third of American libraries, to the detriment of children.  I have been saying this for over a decade, I just did not realize it was that bad, though I am sure it is.  What a pleasure to get confirmation of my work by none other than the author of CIPA:
Also, Barbara Jones of the ALA's OIF continues to gush about George Soros's Open Society Institute, displaying its propaganda, etc.  See/listen for yourselves as the ACLU-engendered ALA OIF expands the definition of librarianship to include responsibility for teaching the George Soros version of "privacy" to school children nationwide:
The Blaze Magazine, pictured to the right, has picked up on what I have written here and has made the issue the cover story for March 2012:


Those wishing to learn about George Soros whose money the ALA so gleefully accepts should read:


In depth details about George Soros:

George Soros is also funding voter fraud efforts in numerous states.  So he funds the ALA for the "privacy" fraud, and now he's seeking to throw American elections.  People should know who's funding the ALA, a guy seeking to steal your country away from you, a thief, an enemy of the US Constitution.  The ALA should disassociate itself from this American enemy, but it won't:


The ALA's OIF and its George Soros-funded efforts to teach children nationwide Soros's "open society" political views via the ALA has now been given an award from "Consumer Action"—for "protecting consumers [and] immigrant communities" in a manner having nothing to do with librarianship, the mission of the ALA:

  • "Consumer Action INSIDER - June 2012," by Consumer Action, Consumer Action, 31 May 2012:
    Consumer Action has chosen three honorees for its annual fundraising benefit and awards ceremony on Oct. 2 at the Rayburn House Office Building on Capitol Hill in Washington, DC. ....

    At the event, Consumer Action will honor three distinguished awardees making major contributions to protect consumers. ....

    The American Library Association's Office for Intellectual Freedom (ALA OIC) will receive our 2012 Consumer Excellence Award in the Community Organization category.  We honor the ALA OIF because of its outstanding efforts to educate consumers on their privacy rights via participation in privacy coalitions, Choose Privacy Week at local libraries and development of the Privacy Revolution ( website.  For 2012 Choose Privacy Week the office made an excellent short video called "Vanishing Liberties," which focuses on the loss of privacy and civil liberties for immigrant communities.



This could in part explain or reflect the ALA's anti-Israel actions and censorship, given the major funding it gets from this man: