Friday, July 17, 2009

The American Library Association is Dying

The American Library Association [ALA] is dying. That's the picture I get from reading the Annoyed Librarian's latest blog post at the Library Journal.

"It seems to me that the ALA is declining as a professional organization. .... I've been trying to list some benefits, but the list is pretty short."

See if you agree with the library world's most popular blog by far:

"ALA 2009: Cui Bono?," by Annoyed Librarian, Library Journal, 16 July 2009.



  1. I can definitely see what the post is getting at, particularly as one of the "new generation" of librarians. While it is definitely fun to go to big conferences like ALA and get away for a while, it's getting harder and harder with travel restrictions and dwindling salaries. Sadly, listservs and webinars might be the wave of the future.

  2. Thanks, Paige. Coincidentally, this very week I'm getting some computer training (not library-related) delivered over the Internet that used to require travel to a training center.

  3. The ALA is not dying. It's changing.

    It should be at any rate.

  4. Of possible related interest, including the comments:

    "Retired School Librarian Fears Unhappy Ending for Profession," by Bibliofuture, LISNews, 9 July 2009.


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