Friday, July 10, 2009

Library Protest Parade Float Pictures; July 4th in West Bend, Wisconsin

Four pictures of a library protest float at the July 4th parade in West Bend, Wisconsin, are worth a thousand words. So I'll just show the pictures and let you fill in the narrative. The float was prepared by "West Bend Citizens for Safe Libraries."

The pictures come from "A Few More Float Pics From the 4th of July Parade.. WBCFSL," and there are even more pictures at "Safe Libraries promoted in West Bend Parade."

Note, the "Safe Libraries" indicates that libraries should be safe or is part of the name of the local organization; it does not reference this SafeLibraries blog or the web site.



  1. Kudo's to Ginny. What a great job the group did in making the float.

    And kudo's to for all the research compiled over the years and offered to anyone for free.

    Hoping all libraries are safe!!


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