Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Getting Away With Murder in Holyoke, MA

Someone in Holyoke, MA, is getting away with murder. Getting away with murder is an idiom for not being punished for what would bring punishment to others. In the Holyoke Public Library, someone is getting away with child pornography, and in my opinion, it is library director Maria Pagan. Might it also be the library board itself for covering up a cover up?

Residents again feel safe to bring their kids to the Maple Street library, but aren't sure the director, the one accused of a cover up, should go unpunished.

"The first thing she should've done is bring it to somebody's attention and that should've been the police," says Brenda Cruz.

However, the library, admits no wrong.

[Source: CBS 3 Springfield, linked below.]

The library admits no wrong. That does not mean someone is not getting away with murder.

Residents think the director should be punished, but the library admits no wrong. Is this scandal spreading to the entire library board for a failure to act in the interests of the community? Is this more evidence of a loss of local library control? Maybe the media should investigate this as well—a library board covering up for a library director who covered up illegal activity that harms children.

But your opinion is more important. See if you agree that Maria Pagan and perhaps the library board itself are getting away with murder. Watch the CBS 3 Springfield (WSHM) video newscast here:

"Holyoke Library Bolsters Security Post Porn Incident,"
Matthew Campbell, CBS 3 Springfield, 21 July 2009.

By the way, Holyoke citizens, congratulations on getting Internet filters. But according to the librarian who outed the library director, the library director claimed opposition to the USA PATRIOT Act as why she failed to act.

Is it Holyoke policy to defy USA law, or is it Pagan's policy? Has that policy been changed or will someone continue to get away with murder? This is one more angle for the media to investigate.

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  1. What a terrific example of the worst type of sensationalist journalism.
    The Library's only mistake was that they didn't report the discovery of child pornography on their computer immediately. But the fact is that the discovery occurred on a Friday - just prior to the Library closing, and the incident was reported on the following Monday morning.
    Furthermore, the Library cooperated fully with the police, and the person responsible was apprehended as a result.
    Only one patron saw the images - and she reported it to Library staff - and they shut off the computer immediately so no one else would be harmed.
    The bottom line is that this Library and all others are incredible places - if only more people would actually go into them and take advantage of what they have to offer.

  2. This is a vile piece of cheap yellow journalism. Nobody got away with accessing child pornography- the person who accessed it was reported to the police and safeguards were implemented to prevent any future access of objectionable material. The library administration has introduced a much simpler and more secure system and trained library staff to work within the new framework. The police are happy that correct procedures were followed and aren't prosecuting library staff. Every one is happy except some ignorant, interfering busybody called Brenda Cruz who would be better off keeping her mouth shut and not stirring trouble for the sake of it.

  3. Holyoke has been guilty of much worse cover ups of porn and child porn access in the city government.

    Maria should have had a firewall set up to prevent this but I am sure she did not expect this sort of thing to happen.

    The sad fact, it has happened in the Holyoke City Hall in the past and that the people who reported it were persecuted more that the person who committed the act.

    There are were people caught subverting the firewalls to access porn videos and they were give big raises the very same year.

    Government Stinks!


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