Friday, April 1, 2011

Anti-Jew? Okay; Anti-Abortion? Not Okay; Public Library Meeting Room Policy Depends on Politics of Library Directors

Public library meeting room policy apparently depends on the political whims of library directors. Contrast two recent incidents. In Litchfield, CT, a library refused to prevent a talk by an anti-Semitic speaker. On the other hand, in Wausau, WI, a library canceled the showing of an anti-abortion movie.
I predict the Wausau library director's decision to block the showing of "Blood Money" will be overruled one way or another.  See:  "Meeting Rooms: An Interpretation of the Library Bill of Rights," by ALA Council, American Library Association, 2 July 1991, ISBN 8389-7550-X.  If interested, see other meeting room policy matters about which I have written.


Looks like my prediction already came true:  "Pro-Life Free Speech Wins Over Library Censorship: Canceled Pro-Life Film to be Shown as Scheduled at Wausau, WI Public Library," by Thomas More Society, Thomas More Society Pro-Life Law Center, 31 March 2011.


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