Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Moms Speak Out on Sexually Graphic Public School Books and the American Library Association

Hear the 50 minute audio.
Listen to these moms speaking out about sexually graphic public school books and the American Library Association.  Wow!  Wow!!  Wow!!!  Wow!!!!  Wow!!!!!

More at Lisa Reid's YouTube channel, and generally listed here.

I had previously written about these moms:

Guilford County Schools.  Here are "Objections to the Use of The Handmaid's Tale In a Class of High School Minors."  Wow!  Wow!!  Wow!!!  Wow!!!!  Wow!!!!!  Clearly I went to the wrong high school!  "Hence!  Home you idle creatures, get you home!  Is this a holiday?" has been replaced by "the Commander fucks, with a regular two-four marching stoke, on and on like a tap dripping."

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