Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Libraries Harm Sex Trafficking Victims If They Allow Porn Viewing; Megan Fox Outs Orland Park Public Library

Libraries harm sex trafficking victims if they allow porn viewing.  They flout women's rights since digitalized torture makes up a significant percentage of the porn being displayed.  Few speak out about this, until now.  Megan Fox has exposed a public library for harming women in this fashion.  So now that the library and the local government is aware of the harm, let's see if they continue to allow porn viewing.  If they do, it is the War On Women on steroids.

Here is what Megan Fox said on WLS AM 890 with John Kass and Lauren Cohn:
And I also want to say that right now on an unfiltered computer you can access any kind of illegal porn that supports sex traffickers and the rape of women.  And there's no way to tell what kind of pornography you're watching.  Why should the public have to pay for that?  Why should we support these criminals?

She was talking about the Orland Park Public Library [OPPL], Orland Park, IL.  It is proud to make pornography available to its patrons.  So proud that it went on a local radio broadcast to proclaim its vaunted respect for the First Amendment, called the police to silence Megan Fox, and investigate a three year old YouTube song she wrote about Second Amendment gun rights.

Here is a recording of OPPL's Bridget Bittman speaking with Bruce Wolf and Dan Proft on 89 WLS AM, followed by a transcript:

Think about it.  Library filtering opponents scream bloody murder if anyone tries to expose libraries for violating the law, but they could care less about the sex crimes they enable against mainly women.  They care not about the free speech rights of crime victims not to have their crime displayed in public libraries.

I too have exposed the harms some libraries are doing to rape victims, one victim being thrilled that I spoke out on this:

Regarding the American Library Association [ALA], it has praised OPPL and whitewashed rape, and it works actively to facilitate sex traffickers:

The Federal Communications Commission [FCC] has been advised of the sex trafficking issue and ALA's involvement:
  • "In the Matter of Modernizing the E-rate Program for Schools and Libraries, WC Docket No. 13-184," by Dan Kleinman, SafeLibraries, 16 September 2013:
    Jacqueline S. Homan: It is NOT a "1st amendment right" to view the violation of someone else's privacy.  Many women in porn are TRAFFICKED, and are FORCED.  When I was "broken in" by my traffickers, it was with a brutal gang rape.  I was 14 years old.  My gang rape was captured on film/pictures to satiate others' sadistic voyeurism AGAINST my will.  As a trafficked girl, where was MY right to privacy?  What about MY 1st amendment right to have my "free speech" (my language of "NO!") protected?  The ALA is full of ca-ca.  And I will tell them so!  And I dare them, no I DOUBLE DARE them, to defend that bs to me!  You may quote me, Dan Kleinman.
When libraries falsely claim the First Amendment right of displaying "constitutionally protected material" meaning porn, do they show one iota of concern for the rights of the victims whose forced involvement in sex crimes is displayed in those libraries?  Public libraries?

So, Village of Orland Park, are you going to allow your library to continue to flout the law, further harm rape victims, and continue to enable sex trafficking?  Libraries across the nation, will you too continue to accept this?  And in case you didn't know:

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