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Ballot Question: Do Citizens Want Child Porn Filters in a Public Library; Pro Child Porn Trustees Bully Those Seeking to Take the Pulse of the Public

Some library trustees on the Orland Park Public Library [OPPL] Board of Trustees want to ask the public if they approve child porn filters in the library.  After all, Federal Communication Commission [FCC] expert Lisa Hone just told the American Library Association [ALA] that having library filters is a community decision, not just a decision for the few people in charge who are opposed philosophically.

How philosophically opposed?  Watch pro-child porn trustees, including the homophobic Diane Jennings, Esq., shout down other trustees and otherwise be rude to them.  Jennings: "It just, we're not going to keep beating this dead horse.  ... I mean we have to jump up like, like puppets." Dan Drew:  "It has nothing to do with that.  It's, it's what Cathy feels.  If you feel that way it's, it's nothing to get mad about you."  Diane Jennings: "Cathy should have been at the last meeting."

Watch Denis Ryan be dismissive of the public.  Cathy Lebert: "Wouldn't you want to know what the people want, Denis?"  Ryan: "No I don't."  And this is the guy whose pro-child porn policy is now driving the entire community, along with a few others, like the anti-gay Jennings.

Keep in mind when the claim is made that library filters are not connected to the issue of raising taxes, the taxes are being raised precisely because the library refused to comply with the law regarding public questions about filtering and spent almost $200,000 on silencing critics, especially me, and cementing the pro-child porn policy:

Transcript [as best I could hear, what with crosstalk and not enough volume; improvements welcome]:
Cathy Lebert: Can we also have a questionnaire, "would you like filters on adult computers." 
Diane Jennings: We've already voted on that, Cathy. 
Denis Ryan:  We voted, we've already voted for it. 
Cathy Lebert:  Same thing, same thing, both questions, we voted...
Diane Jennings: Cathy, we voted. 
Cathy Lebert: He voted, I'm just saying, ask the public what they want, just like we ask the public this way.  We have never asked.  We've had people come and talk.... 
Voice from the left: That's, that's not my decision, that's not my decision. 
Cathy Lebert: Well, I say we have a vote on that.  It think that's a good, we're doing it anyway, asking a question. 
Denis Ryan: We already voted on it, Cathy. 
Dan Drew: Well wouldn't you want to know, Denis? 
Cathy Lebert: Would you want to know what the people want, Denis? 
Denis Ryan: No I don't.  Everyone I've heard said no.  They don't want filters on adult computers.  I talked to people, I talked to.  People called me up they said some nice flyer that somebody dropped off at my house and I talked to them.  When I explained the situation to them and how it all came about, they said no. 
Diane Jennings: There were people that called me and I had a chance to talk  with them and... 
Cathy Lebert: What are you afraid of? 
Denis Ryan: We're not afraid of anything! 
Cathy Lebert: Then ask the question. 
Diane Jennings: Yeah, where you gonna go [unclear if this is accurate] 
Cathy Lebert: Denis, why not ask the question? Do you think people are ill informed to know?
Denis Ryan: Because the one doesn't have anything to do with the other. 
Cathy Lebert: It's a question that we're asking the public their opinion. 
Denis Ryan: No.  We're asking about the levy increase. 
Cathy Lebert: Right, it's their opinion on it.  That's where there's an opinion on the other thing. [unclear]
Denis Ryan: Well. 
Cathy Lebert: I'm just saying.  What are you afraid of? 
Denis Ryan: I'm not afraid of anything. 
Diane Jennings:  It just, we're not going to keep beating this dead horse.  Just because they're going to come every time doesn't mean we have to jump up like, like puppets. 
Dan Drew:  It has nothing to do with that.  It's, it's what Cathy feels.  If you feel that way it's, it's nothing to get mad about.  [unclear]
Diane Jennings: Cathy should have been at the last meeting.
Cathy Lebert: If you going through what we're going though right now... 
Nancy Wendt Healy: [hand placed on Cathy Lebert's arm] ... Cathy, that's a little bit of fatigue with, with um, ah, [unintelligible] for right now, I don't know.
Essentially, the library trustees seeking to take the pulse of the people were shot down again, again with bullying.  Anything it takes to keep the child porn flowing.

And yes, Cathy and Dan, they are afraid.  A few people are forcing their will on the community, and they know once people are fully informed, such as by the FCC expert I linked above, they will choose to act to follow the law and make libraries for the benefit of the people, not for distribution of harmful material.  ALA is already the nation's leader in facilitating porn in libraries, and ALA is using OPPL as its Theresienstadt model camp: attack the whistleblowers no matter the cost, draw attention away from the law that makes illegal what OPPL is doing.

Notice above Denis Ryan said everyone he spoke with opposes filters.  Since he keeps shuffling papers for the past year's worth of meetings, that's no surprise as he likely did not hear or does not recall the steady stream of opposition to the repeated sex crimes occurring in his library.

Notice Diane Jennings told Cathy Lebert she was beating a dead horse.  She wants Cathy Lebert to act like the monkey who can speak no evil, image top right.

And Nancy Wendt Healy touches Cathy to silence her as well with a comment about how fatigued she is.  How do the child porn victims feel?  Fatigued?  Yet the library closely coordinates with ALA and repeatedly silences me despite the law and despite Illinois Attorney General determinations.

I am featured in this video for having been silenced by the library
while the American Library Association speaks freely and incorrectly.

At the same meeting shown above, below are two speakers specifically stating that the library refused to hear from me—how can you say you're beating a dead horse when you would not even listen to an expert opposing ALA's flat out lies?  They have not even discussed things like the issue of Fortinet's FortiGuard® Web Filtering Service—that got completely overlooked:

I have more in the pipeline about this library, and it's not going to be pretty.

NOTE ADDED 19 September 2014:

Updated to add more to the transcript that I did not previously understand.

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