Friday, November 27, 2009

NCAC Supports Censorship with Double Standards and Made Up Facts

The National Coalition Against Censorship [NCAC] does not oppose the censorship of people attempting to protect children from harm.  It even makes up facts to avoid the obvious double standards.  When I directly challenged the NCAC to explain, its statements only worsened the situation, then it refused to budge.  See for yourself on the NCAC's blog post and associated comments here: "Kudos to a Courageous Kentucky Librarian," by Joan Bertin, Executive Director, Blogging Censorship, 17 November 2009.  All the relevant information is there, so I won't reprint it here.

The name of the NCAC blog is "Blogging Censorship."  Now you know why.

Let me add that I asked my own local library board why the public would not be allowed to talk at a public meeting without first having to announce in advance what one wanted to discuss.  Maybe I was missing something.  The board members said they never heard of such a thing.  Indeed, I am able to ask them anything I want without first registering my topic ahead of time.

By the way, the NCAC is the same group that promotes the use of pornography ("NCAC Promotes Porn; Says Keeping Inappropriate Material From Children is Censorship; It Has Lost All Credibility") while at the same time advising communities like Leesburg, FL, and West Bend, WI, why keeping children from inappropriate material is censorship.  It even has a "Book Censorship Toolkit" for public schools and a "First Amendment in Schools: Resource Guide."

So an organization that makes up facts to support the censorship of those trying to protect children claims it is censorship to keep children from inappropriate material.  It wants people to think it should be authoritative on censorship in local communities.

I thought you might want to know, just in case the NCAC and Joan Bertin come calling in your community.


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