Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Global Warmism and Banned Books Week Have a Lot in Common

Anthropogenic global warming and Banned Books Week [BBW] have a lot in common.  Here are some headlines to decide for yourselves if you see any similarities.  (Other than the tombstone graphics, that is!  The first one hat tip to Climate Depot.)

Consider these headlines from Drudge Report:
Consider these headlines from the Wall Street Journal:

Now consider these writings on Banned Books Week:
Did you see any similarities?  Comment below to tell everyone what you saw.



  1. Neither the book censors nor the global warming alarmists can tolerate opposing views.

  2. Thanks, winteryknight. Agreed. Let's see what other people say. I have quite a few similarities in mind, but I want people to think for themselves, so I didn't mention any and probably won't.

  3. Great post! Thanks for linking back to me. I think conservative book sales are off the charts because you can't get them at your local library.

  4. Norma, I'm sure if you requested conservative books at your local library the librarians would be more than happy to add them to the collection or at least try to interlibrary loan them for you.


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