Sunday, November 15, 2009

Public Breaks Into Applause for Library Board that Unanimously Voted for Internet Filters to Stop Porn Viewing in Public Library

Another library has added Internet filters to stop porn viewing.  With the constant message from the American Library Association [ALA] that Internet filters do not work, will never work 100%, filter out breast cancer, and generally violate people's First Amendment rights, I thought I would point out that not all libraries are taken in by those false messages.  Here's the latest to see through the ALA's misdirection:

by Michael Peterson,
The Argus-Press,
13 November 2009.

The public, hearing the unanimous decision of the library to add Internet filters, broke into applause.  They broke into applause!  A local community gets to protect children legally in their own public library and they break into applause!

The Shiawassee District Library Board adopted a revised Internet policy Wednesday night that requires filtering on the organization's public computers, closing the book on a nearly six-month controversy on how the SDL should handle online content.

After the policy was unanimously passed by the Board, many of the residents who packed into the downstairs children's library portion of the Owosso branch broke into applause.

I've written before on this community in "7-1 Vote FOR Internet Filters in Owosso, MI," 4 July 2009.

Read the Argus-Press article carefully.  See that the filters will be disabled temporarily upon request.  This is perfect under the law called CIPA.

Then, the community takes another welcome departure from the ALA.  The ALA says you have to disable any site and that's it.  CIPA says, and now Shiawassee District Library says, that even after the filters are disabled, if the computers are then used in a manner that essentially violates the spirit of the policy, such as by viewing obscenity, the filters will be reapplied.  Fabulous!

Patrons also may request a particular site be unblocked, but only if the site does not include “obscene or sexually explicit material.” A site will be reviewed for content before it is permanently unblocked from the filter.

If a patron violates the policy, library officials may terminate or limit that person's computer or Internet access; dismiss the patron from the premises; or suspend the person's access to library facilities for a set period of time. The library also reserves the right to contact the local police if necessary.

"Contact the local police"!  Fabulous!  Another departure from the ALA or the rules set by its local acolytes!  For example, see my blog posts:

Will citizens in your community break into applause when they too get to legally protect their own children despite the heavy pressure and misinformation from the ALA?  Let Owosso, MI, be your guide!


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