Thursday, November 26, 2009

Wrestling in the Boone County Public Library; Acceptable Use Policies Shown Ineffective Again

I'm wrestling with this one. Here is a story involving the Boone County Public Library in Burlington, KY:

"Library Patron Arrested For Indecent Exposure," by Jessica Noll, WCPO HD9, 18 November 2009, link added by me:

A witness informed a police officer at the Boone County Library that there was a man on a computer masturbating watching a wrestling video.

The "Library Computer Access Policy" includes, "Users may not use any library computer for illegal purposes."  "Individuals should use the Internet in a courteous, reasonable, and responsible manner."  The person arrested "for 2nd degree indecent exposure and disorderly conduct" evidently did not follow this policy.  Is this yet another example showing acceptable use policies are useless?

Could any library policy or content control software have possibly stopped what happened?

Does anyone have any ideas on what could possibly have been done to prevent this?

Hat tip: "Man Arrested For Masturbating in Public Library," by, Wendyista, 25 November 2009.


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  1. Just some suggestions:
    1. Dissolve the ALA. Since this organization has consistently shown that it's primary goal is to intrude on private communities, dictate policy, then stomp on anyone who does not agree with their liberal and immoral standards, there seems to be no real purpose being served here.
    2. Install porn filters. (ya think?) Even though the ALA (see above) thinks everyone should have the right to view porn, even KIDS!
    3. Get rid of library directors who refuse to protect children from pornography and outright blockage the installation of porn filters for a family-safe library environment.


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