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School Removes Squirting Sperm Book After 8-Year-Old Complains To Her Mother

Lovingly Alice book in the news.
Public school officials have removed a book containing inappropriate material from the Quail Run Elementary School in Phoenix, AZ, at least until the next school year.  The book, Lovingly Alice, from the Alice series by Phyllis Reynolds Naylor, includes material such as a "penis squirting sperm inside the vagina."  The 8-year-old girl complained about the book to her mother who then brought the book to the school's attention.

The principal was "shocked."  According to the mother, he said he "didn't even know this was in our library."  "Even the school librarian admitted it wasn't appropriate for younger kids and put a restriction on it for sixth graders only," said a reporter.

See for yourself:

I spoke with the outspoken mother, Hilary Lockhart.  Here is some information that may help her and any other parent/guardian having similar concerns:
Alice book removed from school library labeled "Children."


A former head of the Arizona Library Association wants the squirting sperm book returned to the shelves:
Ann Dutton Ewbank wants
children to retain access
to squirting sperm book.
Regarding the article "Mother's complaint prompts Paradise Valley school officials to remove book" that appeared on on Tuesday:  Paradise Valley administrators removed the book "Lovingly Alice" from the Quail Run Elementary School library prior to the initiation of an official book challenge.  The district policy governing this process, "Parent Complaint Procedures Regarding Instructional Materials" states, "During the review, materials in question may remain in use."  As a parent, Hilary Lockhart has the right and responsibility to direct her children's reading, but the decision to remove the book prior to the outcome of the book-challenge procedure restricts access to all students.  District administrators should return the book to the shelves until the challenge process is complete and a final decision has been made by a committee of teachers, parents and librarians, as stated in district policy. - Ann Dutton Ewbank, Phoenix
The writer is a past president of the Arizona Library Association.
"PV Schools Skipped Book Procedure," by Ann Dutton Ewbank, The Arizona Republic, 19 May 2011.

Notice "may remain in use" completely negates her argument since the book need not remain in use.  That leaves her simply throwing around her Arizona Library Association weight to attempt to browbeat the school back into line.  It's demagoguery pure and simple.

So skipping the material reconsideration procedure is bad if it keeps kids from reading inappropriate material, but, in Clarkstown, NY, skipping the material reconsideration is good if it keeps kids reading inappropriate material.  And there we have yet another double standard.  The ends justifies the means.


Ann Dutton Ewbank, the librarian who wanted the squirting sperm book returned to the shelves, has now written a book:
It cost $40!

Get this, and I quote, "Ann Dutton Ewbank is associate professor at Montana State University, Bozeman. She researches school library advocacy and is a member-leader in the American Library Association. A tireless advocate, Ewbank has direct experience working with elected officials at the federal, state, and local levels to enact positive policy for school library programs."  Returning the squirting sperm book to school shelves despite the principal and the school's own librarian removing it must be the positive policy for school libraries about which she's writing.

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