Thursday, June 3, 2010

Have You Got Problems?

Have you got problems?  Paul McCartney, in an appearance with President Barack Obama, mocked President George Bush about libraries:

Upon concluding his performance, McCartney aimed a bolt of sarcasm at Obama’s predecessor.  “After the last eight years,” he quipped, “it’s great to have a president who knows what a library is.”  The audience erupted in laughter.   
Source: "Paul McCartney's Cheap Shot at President Bush," by Charles Lane, The Washington Post, 3 June 2010.

"The audience erupted in laughter."  Consider the following:

  1. The President has not yet withdrawn his nomination of former failed American Library Association [ALA] President Carla D. Hayden to be on the National Museum and Library Service [IMLS] Board.  As ALA President, Ms. Hayden promised to help libraries comply with US v. ALA.  Since the ALA advises how libraries can avoid using filters or how to use them in a manner not compliant with US v. ALA while still claiming compliance so as to gain federal money, her promise was either false or she never followed through as the advice provided included how to skirt the law, thereby defrauding the public—and notice the cute legal CYA caveat at the end.  So Ms. Hayden is either incompetent or fraudulent.  In either case, her nomination for a position related to libraries should be withdrawn.  But Paul McCartney made no mention of that while he was on the subject of libraries and presidents.  For more on this topic, see "Obama Nominee Carla Hayden is Unfit for Administration Post; Dionne Mack-Harvin May Go to Jail for Following Hayden's E-Rate Advice."

  2. Second, carefully consider the words of a song written by Paul McCartney and his brother Michael McGear entitled, "Have You Got Problems?":

(Paul McCartney / Michael McGear)
Mike McGear

You wake up, you sip hot tea,
mindless music, radio free.
You see blue skies and think of sea.
How are you doing?
Then later on, switch on TV.
They give me un-news,
they give half truths to me.
They give us whys, they feed us lies.
How are we doing? (yeah, yeah, yeah)
To educate, they fabricate,
and we sit back till it's too late.

Have you got problems?
What are your problems?
Mike McGear Poster Paul McCartney BrotherBring all your problems straight to me.
Trust in me now,
'cause I'm your leader,
don't hesitate now, I'll put you straight.

Think of all the promises made to you.
Think of all the lies that we're going through.
I am the light in your darkest hour.
Through any crisis I will be your power.

Don't believe, don't believe, don't believe
all you're told, all you read, all you're taught,
all you see, don't believe, don't believe,
all you're told, all you read, all you're taught,
all you see, don't believe.

Do what you want.  Do what you do.
What do you want?  Do what you like.
Do what you want.  Do what you do.
What do you want?  Do what you like (all your life).

Have you got problems?

Ironic, no?  Read it again, slowly.

That said, Paul McCartney is a musical genius, and I love this song.  And for those who missed the Mike McGear album named "McGear," if you like Paul McCartney and Wings, you will love this album.  Here's a link to buy it: McGear.

As usual, all of this is my opinion.  Now I ask you.  Have you got problems?  Please comment below.


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