Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Scott Savage Savaged

Scott Savage savaged.  How else do you describe an academic librarian being harassed for recommending a balance of books for incoming freshmen at Ohio State University, being forced out of his job for suggesting a book comprising that balance, suing, then having a single judge decide "Scott Savage couldn't show that the university made his working conditions intolerable enough to resign."  I wonder how intolerable it has to be.  I guess a little intolerable is okay, if you are a Christian.  Besides, not even the American Library Association [ALA] came to Scott Savage's aid for advocating for intellectual freedom and diversity.


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Hat tip LISNews (again on this matter):  "Former OSU Librarian's Discrimination Suit Rejected," by birdie, LISNews, 8 June 2010.

"Intolerable enough"?  "In Monday's ruling, Bertelsman said professors who criticized Savage weren't in a position to discipline him and that the librarian had his supervisors' support."  So it is open season on Scott Savage because his supervisor supported him?  Might his Christianity have had something to do with this?

Is "The Marketing of Evil" itself so evil that an academic librarian should be harassed then censored for recommending it?  And the ALA will not help, even actively aiding in the censorship?  Remember, the ALA does not want any librarians making any judgments about book content when it comes to sexually inappropriate material for children.

Consider that the ALA's Association of College & Research Libraries (ACRL) claims it is "dedicated to enhancing the ability of academic library and information professionals to serve the information needs of the higher education community and to improve learning, teaching, and research."  Obviously not, if you promote something the ALA opposes.  The ACRL statement vis-a-vis the fate of Scott Savage evidences another ALA double standard, and it is just more ALA propaganda.

I urge Scott Savage to consider an appeal.  Please comment below.


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